Day 4-Portland-Saturday

After the long night, yes the hang over was far from nice. I think I got up out of bed around 10ish. Justine was still in bed, I managed to make it down the stairs, grab a drink, then outside for smoking. As I was outside smoking I thought to myself the same thing that any other person would think if they were hung over. ‘I’m never going to drink again’. After my smoke, I dragged my butt back upstairs. I think I managed to get some more sleep. Woke up, took a shower. The shower went well, except for throwing up some water, dry heaving for a bit. Actually, it was alot of dry heaving. Atleast I was in the shower. Could have been worse. The shower did wonders, I gave Jason Reese a call and we decided to hang out for a bit. Val didn’t want to go, so just me and Justine ended up going.

We got to Jason’s and he cooked us a great meal. I still was a bit nervous at eating too much, but just couldn’t resist. He cooked us a Reuben, along with a half pickle, and a side salad. Along with some coffee drink that had some liquor in it, which I refused to drink. Just the thought of the night before, make me green in the face.

We all decided that Jason should take us to do something fun and exciting. We then decided to cruise on over to the area of Hawthorne. The whole Hawthorne area reminded me of a Sugarhouse for some reason. Went into a few vintage shops found some cool stuff. Almost felt like being in a D.I.. A whole bunch of whole stuff from the 60’s for sale. It was a bit entertaining. Shops were starting to close. for the evening. We took a short walk on over to the Pied Cow Coffeehouse.

Yeah, Pied Cow was a different place. I wasn’t really impressed by it, but Jason seems like he did. So we got Jasmineflavor tobacco, and smoked it out of a Hooka. They had all sorts of different types, vanilla, blackberry, apple, etc. Jasmine was alright, but got old really fast. We also got some green tea, and some dirt water. This kava stuff was really different. It’s like drinking dirt water, even had clumps in it. Didn’t taste too bad, but it numbed my mouth. It also came with a plate of abunch of food I didn’t care much for. Darn those hippies/vegan with nasty food. I mostly just ate the veggies. The peta bread wasn’t bad either. But the dip was nasty, the cheese, and whatever else it came with. But we had a good time there.

We then went to another cafe/bar meet up with some of Jason’s friends. I don’t remember the name of it. But had a southern theme with it. I got myself some red beans and rice. It was really tasty. Mainly just hanged out and talked for a bit. We then took off, back for the place we were staying at. By the time we got back, it was close to midnight if I remember right.

Hung out with Sean and Val for a bit before leaving. Got a pizza, got our stuff together. I hit the sack at around 1:30am with knowing that we have a long hard day waiting for us.

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