Day 5-Portland-Sunday

Sad to leave, but happy to get back home if that makes any sence. Really wish we had more time to spend up there. Another day, or two days would have been great. We packed the car and were on our way. If my memory serves me correct, we left at around 8am (PST). Load the gas up with gas, grabbed some food from McDonalds and we were on our way.

About 30 minutes out of Portland there is a cool water fall. We stopped for maybe 2 minutes if that, and took a picture. (pictures coming soon I hope). The mother in law called at that point asking if we have left, and when were gonna pick up the kids. PICK UP THE KIDS?!? I thought the kids were gonna be deliveried to us from Portland. After driving for 11+ hours, I didn’t want to take an extra 2+ hours to pick up the kids.

The drive was alright, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I noticed that I had some horrible chest/rib pain going on. Thinking that maybe I was coming down with something. Maybe the bed were were sleeping on. A few hours laters it hit me. It was the DRY HEAVING from the other night that made me hurt. We did stop at the casino between Boise and Portland. Took $60 bucks in, and walked out with $120. We wasted a good 45 minutes in there. Got more statch card in Boise, got some beer, cigs, food. Justine managed to make me laugh so hard that I tried to blow a twix bar out of my nose. Along with abunch of random pictures. We got home a tad before midnight (UT time). Did 900 miles and a good solid 13-14 hrs of driving. Actually it was less time driving, casino took up an hour. Guessing we wasted 1/2hr in Boise.

Glad we went, had a great time. Just wish we had more time to spend up there. Or maybe if we flew up there. My main goal was to spend time with Justine, no work for a few days, get out of SLC, relax, and have a good time. I did all of those.

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