Work Of Hell

Work this past has been like hell for the past week. Phone calls back to back. Worse of all, phone calls we shouldn’t be taking begin with. Just sucks. Word is that it’s gonna continue like this for a few weeks. I’ve thought more then once about handing in my headset and walking out.

Justine and James had strep earlier this week. Justine ended up missing 2 of her 3 days this week. James missed a day of school this week also cause of it. Jayden has an ear infection right now. Me, I’m damn lucky so far. Got my fingers crossed not to get sick either.

Last night, we took my parents out to Village Inn for dinner. My dad’s birthday was this past Sunday. Gave him the gift I got up in Portland. It’s a vase looking thingy, I hope he likes it. After we got home, I went out to Club Vegas, Books About Ufo’s were playing. The music wasn’t my thing, mainly went to hang out with Paul Unseen (Conflict from uxpx irc). Chated with for about 20-30 minutes, had a beer, and came back home. Still enjoying the new monitor. I got a strong urge to go buy another one for my dual displays.

Oh yeah, another shitty thing, I started smoking. Not smoking much, and I’m smoking ultra lights, but I’m still smoking.

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