Blah, I’m ready to go home from work. Only got 45 minutes left. Work hasn’t been bad today. Justine had/has an interview for a job up in the sleep lab up in Evanston, Wy. It’s suppose to be tomorrow, but it looks like it’s gonna be in a week from today. She is pretty sick, so she reschdule it. The lady doing the interview seems to be impressed by Justine so far. Throws a big ol wrench into my whole job situation. I really enjoy the full time job down in Orem. But it’s 100 miles according to mapquest from Evanston to Orem. It’s not just the drive that I have to take into thought. But it’s 3 hours a day, 15 hours a week sitting in a car. Gas prices aren’t the best (better then a few months ago). I could just see that getting old really fast. Maybe just for a short period of time, till I find work up there. hahaahaha, I got looking online, there isn’t shit up there in terms of work. Who knows when I would find a job that could offer the same/better up in Evanston. Plus it’s winter. Winter driving of 100 miles won’t be cool either. I hope I could work something out with them. It all depends on how Justine’s interview goes, what they are willing to offer, etc etc. Money should be the same, if not more.

Appears that there is a crack going around for Microsoft Vista. I think I just may give that a try. But installing a new OS is alot of work. XP is running great for me right now, I got no reason to mess with it.

I really wish James would stop calling me every 30 minutes asking if I’m going to buy his a video game when I get home tonight from work.

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