Machine Head

Monday night after work, me and ray (coworker from verio) headed on up to my place. Picked up Justine, and off we go. Went to Taco Bell, both me and Justine were staving. We were at Taco Bell when the mother in law called to tell us about the shooting up Trolley Square. Crazy Stuff!!! We then hit Trails for a bit since we had time to waste. I guess we were there for about 45 minutes to a hour. Had a couple beers. Left there to hit Club Vegas. We show up at 10, and there was a bit of a line. Took us a good solid 10 minutes to make it thur the line. I’m guessing even longer, maybe 20 minutes the more I think about it. I guess the line was huge earlier in the day. Where it took hours to get thur the line. We missed the first two opening bands which sucks. Machine Head started playing at around 11, finished at midnight. I’m really surprised they didn’t play till 1. It was a good show for what it was. After enough beers, any show is good. We then took off, went to Denny’s to meet Marcia. Had a good time there in my drunken state. If I remember right, I think I got to bed around 3:30-4:00. Then up at 8:45 for work. Far from enough sleep, I was sooooo ready for a nap the next day at around 2am.

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