Thursdays, I left work early. Only here for 3 hrs, that cold kicked my ass Wednesday and Thursday. Friday was much better, but still had a nasty headache. Friday night after work, I meet up with Justine. We ended up going to Memorial Grove, and then Village Inn afterwards. That was fun, and was very much needed. I would have to say that was the highlight of my weekend. Saturday, I worked abunch of hours. I think I got into work at around 9am, and worked till about 8pm. I was planning on working till 10pm, but left early to go play poker with Jim up in Odgen. Justine went up to Evanston for Kylee’s birthday Saturday, and got back this afternoon. So I figuered, hell why not. Poker was alright, but I decided I hate poker. Always shitty hands. I may have a decent hand, but yet someone has something better. Did have a few good hands where I took the pot. But out of 3 games, hours of playing. I think I won not more then 5 hands. Decided to play a 3rd game at 2:30am and wish I didn’t. That 3rd game was long. Got home at around 5:30am.

I ended up getting tomorrow off from work. Plan on getting a few things done. Plan on watching Borat with Justine tonight when I get off.

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