Tuesday night was the Exploited show. Lots of bands, 7 of them. 3 local, 4 touring bands. Had alot of fun. Meet up with the guys from Negative Charge, hung out back stage, drank beer, bullshitted, got a picture with Wattie, and talked with the bass player from The Exploited. It was alot of fun, most fun I’ve had in a long time. I was impressed with all of the bands. Alot of the time, there is abunch of shitty bands with maybe 1 or 2 good/alright bands. Saw abunch of old faces which was nice. I think I got some really good pictures, I have yet to look at em on my computer. Plan on doing that tomorrow, and upload them to the website. Here is a list of the bands that play:

Negative Charge, The Willkills, and Skint

The Gouls, So Unloved, Final Conflict, and The Exploited

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