The Past Week/Upcoming Weekend

So I had Monday off from work, then I only worked 4 hours on Tuesday. Made a for a short quick week. The days off were nice. Don’t remember what we did Monday. Just that me and Justine did some running around.

Justine ended working two extra shifts this week. Last night, along with tomorrow night. So she ended up working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Those 2 extra night at time and a half will be nice for the vegas trip.

Last night after work we took the kids out to McDonalds, then on up to Evanston. Would be tricky to watch the kids as I’m working, Justine working, and trying to sleep. I checked out Val’s new place, seems pretty nice.

Tonight me and Justine plan on going to Club Vegas. Negative Charge is playing along with a few other bands. 5 bucks, should be alot of fun. Not sure about what’s going on tomorrow night. May just sit at home. Gonna try to play poker. Don’t know why, I suck at poker. But my luck has to change around sometime.

This morning before work I booked our room at the Topicana down in Vegas. Pretty decent price. Not bad, but not great. Much cheaper then alot of places there.

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