Week Going Good!!!

Week is going pretty good. Work has been just there, nothing special, and nothing bad.

Monday I was suppose to hang out with Vyle, but he stood me up. But no fear, I went to Burger King with Jim for my fix. We then hit Busy Bee for a few games of pool, and a beer.

Tuesday night was alright. Meet up with Vyle, funny how close he lives. Kicked back a few beers, talked about computer, ordered pizza, and watched a bit of Grindhouse. Followed by going to Justine’s work to say hi.

Tonight the plan is meet up with my brother, grab some food, then head on over to Derek’s for a BBQ. Should be a good time. Justine is working just a half shift, we plan on watching Big Love when she makes it home. I also managered to get Friday off from the part time job. Plan is to find a new place to live, maybe pack a bit, and spend some time with my bro before he leaves on Monday.

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  1. Boog Says:

    Oh yeah! Big Love 🙂 Haha The highlight of our week!

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