Long Ol Weekend…

Wednesday night after work was fun. Went to Derek’s place with Ben, and Boog. Had a BBQ, we weren’t there for long. Went home, and was sick for the rest of the night. It was a fun time till I got sick. Morning came, and was still sick. Ended up calling into work sick on Thursday. Lack of sleep, and being sick. It was no fun.

Friday I had the day off from the part time job. Did some cleaning, and had some friends over. That was an alright, wish I went to bed earlier.

Saturday just work at the part time job. Saturday night, had both Jacob and Ben over for some movies. We watch Inchi The Killer, fun little flick. Justine ended up working. Found out at the part time job, that the USB ports are disabled. Really sucks.

Anyway….Good enough for now, short little quick update. Ben goes back to London tomorrow 🙁 But he should be back in Aug. It was great seeing him for the past 3 weeks. Hope everything goes well for him over in the UK. Maybe I’ll post some pictures of his stay. Jayden’s birthday is coming up, and we have no idea what to get him. No idea what to do for a birthday party.

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