The Funeral

Went to the Joe’s funeral yesterday morning. Got there at the tail end of the viewing. I was surprised by the amount of people there. But after a short time of thinking about it. Not really, it’s not much of a surprise. Such a good nice guy, it’s only expected. Makes ya realize how short life is, and we take things for granted. I wish that Justine went to it, but oh well.

I went thur my pictures the other night and found a few. It nice seeing that some of the pictures went to use at the funeral. I think Anna is happy by it, by the simple fact that she wasn’t in any pictures that could be found, except for one of the pictures that I have. But yeah, the funeral was as nice as it could have been. But damn, funerals just suck ass. It was nice seeing some old face such as Eric from Springville.

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