The Rest of the Weekend

Except for the funeral, and having a buddy die a week ago. The week wasn’t all that bad. Weekend was pretty good.

Tuesday: Decided to meet up with Jim before going to Burts. On my way over to Jim’s, I stopped by AWOL tattoo to say hi to Wriley. Just to find everyone else there. Jesse, Matt, Aaron, Austin, etc. It was nice bullshitting with them for about 10-20 minutes. Me and Jim ran on over to Village Inn for some food. I then processed on over to Burts. Negative Charge was playing, Matt was gonna be there, along with everyone else. It was a nice time, but yet sucked on the same hand. The mood was very depressing and down with the death of Joe just three days ago.

Friday: Just work at the part time job. Jim called me and decided to drag my ass out to Wendover. I’m very glad I went. Doubled my money. Had 2 bucks on number 5 on the roulette table, and it hit. Left my two bucks on it, and it hit again. Twice in a fucking row. It was awesome. Good ol 70-80 bucks won between those two spins. Only reason why I bet on 5, was because “5’s” keep on popping up at the blackjack table. The last blackjack table I sat at was pretty good also. Turned 30 bucks into 100. Only drawback with Wendover is that we took my Geo, and it started to overheat. Doing 90 mph with the A/C on. Once I popped off the AC, and slowed down to around 70-80 mph it was fine. On the way back we hit the Pilot and grabbed some 12 dollar antifreeze just to top it off to make sure. No issues at all on the way back. Today on the way to work once I got into Orem, I started to push the car pretty hard. Keeping the engine at around 4k RPM’s and it started to over heat again. Tomorrow after work I plan on replacing the themostat. I hope that’s all the problem is. Be great it it’s a 10 dollar part, and maybe an hour out of my day. 10 minutes to replace the actually part itself. Oh yeah, getting home at 4am, and sleep like shit didn’t help.

Saturday: Got up and dragged my butt into the funeral. After the funeral we went on over to Walmart to grab some food. The kids are in town along with Kylee. We then cooked up some food, and went on over to Hollywood Connections for Jayden’s birthday party. It was fair from anything special, pretty low key. But we threw the kids onto a rollercoster there, took em skating, along with hitting the arcade. After we got back, we picked up the house a bit and my folks came over for about an hour for some cake and ice cream.

Sunday: Nothing too special, went to Noodles for lunch. Drove around a bit looking for a new place to move into.

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