Portland-Day 1

The trip started Tuesday after I got off work. I managed to get off a bit early. Which at that point I ran home, packed up the car, finished up the last little things. Didn’t hit the road till about 7pm. We then processed to drive on up to Boise, ID. The drive up there was nothing special and exciting. Got up to Boise and got our room at Motel 6. That place has gotten really cheap, far from anything special. I remember Motel 6 being nicer, but it had 4 walls and a roof. That’s all that mattered. We then ran to a Burger King that was 24/7. We didn’t make it to boise till about 11:00 if I remember right.

Got up at around 9am to finish up the drive to Portland from Boise. The drive from Boise to Portland was far from anything special. We did hit a casino on the way, lost 50 bucks between the two of us. Had good ol McDonalds for lunch. We got into Portland at around 3pm (pacific time zone). So we ended up gaining a hour.

We hit Val’s local watering hole called Cheers. It was alright, nothing too special. The three of us spilt some nacho’s along with a picture of beer. We then meet up with Jason at Kennedy School. I thought Kennedy School was pretty cool. We all spilt a pizza, had some beer, and watched 1408. Got home and ended up crashing. Sleep wasn’t the greatest, but very much needing. Hell, I was falling asleep during the movie.

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  1. Jason David Says:

    Yo – glad you came over. Come by again. We still need to go to Marakesh. Can’t wait until you get to come back. Too bad we never got to try those Jaeger Bombs. 🙁

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