Portland-Day 3

Day 3, good ol Friday. This is the day that we went to Cannon Beach, Or. Got up took our time for getting ready for the day. Left Vals at around noon if I remember correctly. Cannon Beach was around 1 1/2hr away from Vals place. Felt like it was a waste of a day for sitting in the car 3-4 hours of the day. I ended having a good time making life horrible for Anna (Val’s Kid) for the length of the car ride.

I was really excited to see the beach. Haven’t seen the ocean in about 10 years. We ended up eating lunch there at Cannon Beach also. Walked around and looked at a few of the shops. It was then off for a short walk to the beach. Hung out on the beach for a short time. Then it was time to drive on back to Portland. I’m guessing we were at Cannon Beach for about 2 hours.

We ate at Olive Garden for dinner, then we went to Outlaws to see a few cover bands. The bands were Death By Day, Slayer, Kiss, and Pantera. That night was alright. Far from anything special. Actually more I think about it, it sucked.

1: No strippers on the 2nd floor (a year ago they had strippers on the 2nd floor)
2: Bar tender mixing a jack and coke for Justine. We asked for a diet code. When we mentioned this to the bar tender, the dumb blonde refused to give us back our money.
3: Seeing abunch of neo nazi skin head fucks.
4: Seeing abunch of neo nazi skin head fucks start shit.
5: Jen (friend from highschool) never made it.

We got back to Vals in one piece. Chatted with Ben for a bit at around 3am before we headed off to bed.

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