Portland-Day 4

Good ol day 4, this takes us to us to Saturday. Lazy morning for sure. Got gas in the car, went to Walmart, scratch it tickets, few other little things. Did get a money order for my brother, and mailed that out for him for his new guitar. Val and Sean had eye appointments, so we didn’t hang out with them very much.

Packed up the car and went on over to Jasons. Got over there, hanged out for a bit and had a beer. We then went to a German place for dinner. Mighty damn good food, along with another New Castle to wash it down with. Jason showed us around town for a bit. Went back to his place to makes some drinks. Spanish coffee and white russians. Wish we made our jaegar bombs, but oh well. Maybe next time. Later on we ended up watching The Host. Pretty good flick, I was so damn tired that I ended up missing bits and pieces of it. I was surprised that Justine wasn’t the one that feel out, and that she enjoyed the movie. I think she may have enjoyed it more then me.

Biggest disappointment of the day was that our air matress had a hole in it, and failed to keep air. Even packing tape didn’t take care of the problem. Oh well….

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