Portland-Day 5

Ah good ol Sunday. Got up, took a shower, got ready for the day. Went to good over Saturday Market. That was good time looking at all the freaks. Did purchase a few things, saw alot of cool stuff. Got the offer to be sold mushrooms. hahaha… Abunch of nasty ol dirty hippies and bums. hahahah… Really makes SLC stand out for how clean this place is.

Afterwards went to a middle eastern place for lunch. That was alright, nothing great but yet not bad either.

We decided to spilt to the drive home into two drives. We hit all the normal stops on the way home, aka the casino halfway between Portland and Boise. Walked in with 50 bucks, walked out with 100. So that was good. Drove the rest of the way to Boise and stayed at Motel 8 for the night. So much better then Motel 6 that we stayed at a few nights before. We didn’t hit Boise till about 2am. Long drive with all the stopping.

The drive from Boise to SLC was just there. Did have a good time doing 100-110mph in parts of Idaho. hahahah. After we got back, we took a much needed nap, ordered pizza, and had Jim over for Hot Fuzz. Spent abunch of money then planned. Which wouldn’t have been an issue if we had it. Just everything added up quickly. But it was a much need to trip and it was nice to get away. Having a week off from work didn’t hurt either.

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