Labor Day

Labor Day was a long day. Nothing like trying to fit as much as possible into one day. The day started at an early 5am to go fishing up at Causey. Fishing was better then normal for Causey. I caught a tiny little 12″ rainbow. Along with abunch of other bites from the same area where I caught my rainbow. We fished till about 11am then headed back to SLC. Took a few pictures, and I hope to post those soon.

Got home at around 1pm, jumped in the shower, then it was off to Magna for a BBQ with my parents are brother. We cooked up that fish that I caught along with a couple hamburgers. The food was yummy. Spent about 2 hours there. Me, Justine, and Ben ran on back to our place. I took a short 30 minute power nap, Justine got a few hours of sleep before she had to be into work.

Me and Ben looked a few car stereo’s, followed up by going to Marcia’s to look her computer. Had no luck with getting it up and going. I love working on old computers that take forever to do anything.

Me and Ben then went on over to the cousins for a game of poker. That was fun. Surprised I lasted as long as I did to consider the bad hands I was getting. Ben did pretty damn good for his first time. He was getting some great hands. Got home much later then I was planning on. Didn’t get home till around 12:30-1:00. I hit that bed, and fell right out.

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