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Blah…..So bored at work today. I’m guessing tomorrow is going to be worse, as people are out of town due to Xmas. This week at work has been alright. Heard some great news at work which was great. Had Tracy over Wednesday night for dinner and movies. We all went to Su Case and then watched Stardust. I didn’t really care much for the movie. It was okay. Entertaining in parts. But not really my thing. Afterwards I took Tracy on home, since I picked her up.

Thursday was a pretty slow mellow day at work. The drive home sucked ass. We had this awesome snow storm come in and just dumped the snow on us. Only problem was that it took me 90 minutes to get home. Usually the drive is about 45 minutes on a bad busy day. 30 minutes if traffic is good. Was doing 5-20mph the whole way untill I got over the point of the mountain. Tracy came over again last night. We watched Balls of Fury last night with the kiddies.

This morning there was even more snow that fell over night. Ended up packing up the computers, and headed on over to Jim’s place to meet the Comcast guy. He had the cable hooked up and done by 9. I went on back to the apartment and moved a few other small things over. When I tried to hook up my computer, it failed to turn on. It acts like the power supply died. So I hit EBC Computers on my way into work, and got a cheap power supply.

Work has been alright so far today. Pretty slow, but yet busy at the same time. We had a pot luck today here at work. Not sure if it’s the food, or something else. But my stomach has been in knots all afternoon.

I’m suppose to meet Anna and Justine for lunch on Sunday. I’m not really excited for that. I am, but yet I’m not. Don’t know how to explain it. I plan on getting the rest of my xmas shopping done this weekend, along with the moving stuff taken care of. Looks like tonight after work, Ben and I are gonna move over some more stuff. I may just wuss out on it. It’s pretty damn cold right now. And I’m sure that it’s gonna be much colder at 9 tonight.


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