Yeah boring day at work today. I’ve managed to watch American History X. Such a good intense flick. Watching Tigerland right now. It’s an okay flick. Seen it before. Not sure whatelse I gonna watch after this.

Not 100% sure on the plan for tonight. I should go home and pack. But the plan is going up to Ogden to the boobie bar to see Negative Charge play with Ben. I hope that Tracy goes with us. Not sure if I wanna be out late tonight. Got my dad and brothers coming over in the morning to help me move the big stuff on over to Jim’s, before I head on into work. I think Tracy wants to hang out tonight, which is great. But I know it will be a long night if that turns out to be the case.

Last night was pretty low key and lame. Did some xmas shopping, then headed on over to the apartment. It was a party and a half. Red Bull, Jager, Swinging Utters, Pegboy, US Bomb, Sex Pistols, some porn, me, myself, and I managed to pack up some more boxes. I would like to think that I’m almost done. Just got some of the big stuff which should be done tomorrow (fingers crossed), and then the rest of the junk is Justine’s. I hope she gets her shit out soon. Went on over to Jim’s afterwards, and was up till 3am playing computer. Got the new power supply installed, and it works. But then had issues with my monitor. Then had issues with getting my computer on the internet. Dicked around with that for a good hour and a half. Then decided to say fuck it, and went to bed at 3am.

Up at 8am for work. Me and Jim exchanged xmas gifts already. He got me a nifty little mp3 player thingy for the car that will play mp3’s off of my USB thumbdrive. Works alright, nothing special. But better then having a shit load of cd’s in the car. I hope to get my car stereo installed in the few weeks.

I still gotta do some xmas shopping. I’ve been totally lazy about. I guess not lazy, just having a hard time with time and money. It’s been on the back burner. From trying to enjoy life, work, more work, and packing up. I still can’t believe xmas is just a few days away.

Tomorrow the plan is to move the big stuff with the help of the family. Meet Justine and Anna (which I may cancel) for lunch. Then good ol work. I’m guessing I will finish up my xmas shopping Sunday night after work.

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