Saturday=No Fun!!!

Okay it had it’s good moment. Started off alright, then it got shitty, but it ended on a very good note.

Woke up early and went on out to Magna to grab my brother and the truck. Went back to the apartment to grab a truck load of shit and unloaded it. Dropped Ben off back at his place. Then processed to head back to the apartment to start on the bullshit. Started on the whole cleaning thing back at the apartment. Which just sucks. The stove I don’t think has been cleaned in 2+ years. Shower was a mess, laundry room is a WRECK, etc etc. There was drama with Justine during this process. Justine and Anna showed up for a bit to get some of their stuff, and the tension was in the air. It looks could kill, it would have been a nuclear bomb drop on that place. hahahaha. Marcia showed up for a bit to help me, which was mainly going to Starbucks. As we were pulling into the parking lot, Justine and Anna were behind us. Marcia high tailed it out of there. Still don’t know why, I guess not to add any more tension to the situation.

I was at the apartment till about 10pm last night cleaning up. IT SUCKED!!! I was not expecting to be there for so long. I still need to go back tomorrow (thought about tonight after work) to finish up the work on it. Atleast I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope this doesn’t ruin the New Years Eve plans that I don’t have. HAHAHAH!!!

Last night after the whole apartment thing, and Tracy got off. She came on over (to jim’s). We mainly just sat around had a few beers, listened to some music, and just relaxed. It was nice. Very much needed after the busy day I had. Sleep like shit last night, was up till about 2:30am. Then up around 7ish for work. I”m surprised that I don’t feel more tired. I guess I sleep good, just a lack of sleep. I hope to catch up on my sleep tonight.

Today has been alright, kinda started the new shift. Chris showed me a few things here at work. How to handle abuse notices, console access, and a few other things. I don’t have access to alot of the tools yet, so he couldn’t show it all to me. Work for the most part has been boring and slow. After work I plan on getting Guitar Hero 3, and just relax. Thinking about swinging by the apartment to see how that looks. Justine was suppose to grab the rest of her shit, and clean a bit. We’ll see…. Gotta get a 2008 calendar from Walmart also.

Not sure what is going on for New Years Eve, or even New Years for that matter. I can’t believe 2008 is upon us already. I hope to ring in 2008 with Tracy, and I think that is the plan. So we’ll see what happens. If that isn’t the case, I have no ideas what is going on.

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  1. Wagon Burner Says:

    happy new ears eve!

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