Fuck Me Stupid!!!!

Yup, that’s what work has done to me today, not in a good way. Between lack of sleep, and just a busy day at work. I’m very glad that it’s almost overwith. Did manage to drive in the awesome snow storm this morning on my way into work.

Last night was alright. Picked up Glad, ran to Taco Bell (i was staving). Then on out to Magna to pick up my paycheck. Back to her place to grab Oldboy, and some drinks. Went up to Jim’s place to watch movies. Nothing too exciting, but it was nice seeing Glad and catching up. Haven’t seen her since we all went out Wendover back around Aug/Sept. But holy shit, I never knew Glad was such an indepth person. I ended up calling her my shrink by the end of the night.

Never did make it out to Tracy’s to talk to her last night. Plan on doing that tonight, or tomorrow. Figured out what is going on between us, if anything at all. I may just head home and crash for the night. So tired and drained from work today. So we’ll see what happens. Jim is wanting to work more on his basement also.

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