Past Week

Let’s see what has gone on in the past week. Nothing too exciting at work. GBH is tonight, which I’m totally excited about. Subhumans play here in about 2 weeks. I’m leaving at 6pm tonight from work for the GBH show.

The wife, got back from St. George. Monday night she got called on two pretty fucked up calls. The first call, being a father that calls 10 yr. son a ‘pussy’ when he complains, or does something wrong. And makes him wear a dress. The second, a 6 yr girl died on her way to the doctors. She was sick (high fever, etc) for a past week. The parents finally decided to take her in, and died on the way. Stuff like that just sucks. But it’s a great thing she is doing for the community. Really makes ya grateful, and makes ya life look good.

Let’s see here, what else……..

I dig the new Raptor hard drive. That bad boy is quick. Not sure if it was worth the money. Far from a cheap toy, to consider the price. As for the wireless keyboard and mouse. I’m getting used to it. But the wireless keyboard I’m not a fan of. The connection dies, and I letter that I type don’t appear.

Still digging the cell phone/service. Not a great phone, not great service. But it’s not bad. I thought the service with T-Mobile was better here in slc.

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