The GBH (long ol post)

The GBH show was alright. GBH put on a good set. I’ve seen them two other times in the past. I really enjoyed the last time they played. GBH play a long good set. The venue sucks, it’s horrible. Mostly it was just security. It was like a police state in there, it was dumb. Negative Charge did alright, not bad. Till they played ‘Silenced’ which they just did a horrible job at. The drummer was in super speed mood. Which just threw everyone off. Even after all the band member looked at him like, ‘wtf are you doing’ he just keep on going in super mood. Granted it’s one of the faster songs, but damn. He was drumming at a good 2x faster then what it should have been. Which just threw the rest of the band off. Another thing I hated at the GBH show was all the damn little kids. Not just kids, but damn. They were just beening annoying as shit.

After the gbh show, we (me, Nick, Amanda, Chuck, and Nick’s brother) cruise on over to the Ritz for some bowling and beer. Had a damn good time there. Just being silly and acting stupid. We were taking the bowling balls, and chucking them as far as possible down the bowling lane, then having the bowling ball smack the wooden lane.

Saturday, during the day I just worked at Alorica. Ended up leaving 2 hrs early, and went on out to Wendover. Me, Justine, Nick, Amanda, and Joe. That was alot of fun, and I did alot better then last week. We didn’t get home till almost 6am which sucked. hahaha, I think I got Nick and Joe addicted to blackjack. Amanda, the tiny lightweight she is. Decided to pound as many beers as possible in the first hour. Then she was sick in the bathroom the rest of the time. We got there around 11ish. She was in the bathroom puking till around 3am when we drugged her out of there. If we left when I wanted to, we would have been ahead. That last hour or so of playing blackjack, I was doing horrible. On the way home, there was some drunken drama which sucks. I guess booze will do that. Thanks to Nick, who said, “Hey James, when you get a chance to stop, I need to puke”, 20 miles outside of Wendover. I broke pretty hard, almost cutted another car off. Joe, and Amanda stummbled out of the car, to let Nick out who was sitting in the middle. As Nick stummbled out to take care of business. Cheers to Nick for not throwing up in the car.

After not falling asleep till 6am, the sister in law called at 11am asking when we were gonna get the kids. Threw our clothes on, walked out the door, to find that it snowed abunch. That was a bit of a surprise. We all went to lunch at Sizzler. Which was very good, but I ate way too much damn food. It’s was Val’s idea that we all go before she pops. She gets induced tomorrow morning at 8am. Cheers to her for making me a Uncle. Everyone is pretty excited.

Tomorrow, I got tons of stuff I need to do. Got an eye appointment for more contacts in the afternoon. Got another appointment to check to make sure my blood is thin enough. Need to get an alignment done on the Intrepid. Send our Farmers Insurance stuff back, take the kids to school, taxes, etc. I took tomorrow off from work.

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