Got alot of the stuff that I was hoping to get done yesterday. But the only thing that didn’t get done with the taxes. Dropped James off at school about 10 minutes early. Me and Jayden cruised on over to the Doc. Blood level was a bit low. Can only blame myself for missing a few pills, which screwed things up. Got to have a MRA done in 3 weeks. And I hope my finally appointment a week after that. They want one last MRA before stopping my meds.

From there, we went to Firestone to have them do an alignment. That went well, car drives alot better. Me and Jayden hung out at the Cottonwood mall. That mall is sad, there’s nothing in there these days. Alot of closed empty stores. But me and Jayden managed to waste an hour in there. Then went and got the car.

Ran home, took a shower, and copied a few dvd’s to my computer. Out the door again, and took Jayden to school. Dropped him off, and off to the eye doc. Eye doc went good. The office is kinda plain jane, nothing too fancy or nice about it. But the doc was nice. Vision insurance covered most of it. Had to worry about a 15 dollar copay, along with the price of tax for each box of contacts. For $21.16, I got an eye exam, and a years worth of contacts. Best of all, this vision insurance is paid for by my work. I have nothing to worry about all year, but the $21.16.

From there, I went to the Nissan dealership. Why, I don’t know, just to look at a few cars. I hate car dealerships, why. The annoying salesmen. Drives me nuts. Long story short, wasted an hour there. Went to the school to pick the kids up. Then up to the hositpal to visit the sister in law who had a baby. Weighting in at 8lbs and 19″. She named it Kylee.

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