Last Night was Fun

So we all ended up going to Gogol Bordello last night. Good fun times. Saw abunch of old faces there, which was nice. Glad’s mom, and her brother went also. Meet up with her friend Stephine. Don’t remember what we were talking about in line while we were waiting for the door to open. But it did have something to do with duct tape, super glue, strippers, and how toliet paper glows under a black light.

Gogol was freaking awesome. But Stephine did too many shots when we got there. Was sick by the time Gogol played. I was just ‘blah’ like always. Not to mention beer was far from cheap. It was getting late, plus the whole ‘spring forward’ bullshit. Plus having to get up early for work. We only saw Gogol play for about 10-20 minutes, then we left.

I would have loved to stay, and enjoy it. But everyone was ready to go. Either way, it was still a good fun time.

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  1. Gladerial Says:

    That shit was fun though you liked it… so far…. if they come again we should go and maybe leave the “mom” at home so we can stay!!! *Hugs* I can not stop thinking of you!! * my little sweet meat in a tube* Yummy!!!

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