Taco Bell Sucks….

So Sunday on my lunch break I decided to go on down to Taco Bell to grab myself a Burrito Surpreme. WHAT A FREAKING JOKE!!!! Sat in the drive thur for a 20 minutes, and of course I was trapped in the drive thur. Car behind me, car infront of me, with a big curb next to me. 15 minutes of that time, I was the second car in line. The first car, Taco Bell just forgot about. No one came to the window, no money given to Taco Bell, etc. For a good 15 minutes. When she finally got her stuff. I pulled up, the Taco Bell employee asked for my money. I simplied replied back with, ‘oh hell no, what the hell was that?’ ‘let me have the number to your store manager’. Which she just looked at me stupid, like if she didn’t have any idea that I was waiting 20 minutes. And it’s not like the store was busy. The lobby was empty, I was the second car in line. Complete total BS. Taco Bell had no excuse for that shit.

2 Responses to “Taco Bell Sucks….”

  1. Wagon Burner Says:

    tell it like it is, brah! say NO to ignorance!!

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