Non Smoker-16 Hours and Counting….

So today is day number one to this whole non smoking thing. Just two words. IT SUCKS!!! hahahaha. But I will say that Chantix is some great kick ass stuff. I just hope to kick the nasty habit for good. Then if I can get the GF follow, we are all set.

Had a great day Friday. Justine picked up the kids from my place. Which was nice. Had the day off. Hung out with Glad and Ben all day. Just mainly did some running around. Went to Bohemian for lunch. Ran into the counsin there. Me and Ben watched Grandma’s Boy before head off to the show.

After the movie we got ready and went downtown for the Unseen show. Next door was the Ministry show. Both venue’s share a bar, so it was great. Kinda best of both worlds. Running into friends at both shows. After the unseen, we were able to get next door to catch a bit of the Ministry show. Unseen put on a great show.

I’ve noticed with this whole non smoking thing, that I”ve been packing on the lbs. I’ve gotta knock that shit off.

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