Boring Day….

Oh man, what a boring ass day here at work. So yeah Fathers Day was a week ago. My kids didn’t get me shit. I blame Justine, I surely went out of my way to make sure they had Mothers Day gifts a month ago. Whatever…. Just thought I would mention that.

Glad was able to get the hook up from a friend. Got ourselfs a free washer, and dryer. Now it’s just a matter of what I’m gonna do with a spare dryer. Still not sure why we just didn’t get a washer in which we needed. We have had a dryer every since we moved.

Me and Glad also finished up watching season 3 of Weeds. Good stuff I tell ya. But I do have to admit, that season 3 was a bit on the weak side compared to season 2. I read that season 4 appears to be a major disappointment. With the way that season 3 ended, I’m not surprised.

Me and Glad ended up watching The Mist last night. That was………-shrugs- Far from anything special. Overrated. But yet entertaining in some sort of funny way at times.

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