Busy Week….

Oh boy, what a busy week it has been. Between fixing the broken washer, to taking the kids up to Evanston, and everything inbetween.

Ripped apart the washer Monday night, and turns out there was a small leak in the pump. New pump 50 bucks. Threw some JB Weld over the hole, and that appears to have fixed the leak. The next snag was putting the washer back together. That was a bit tricky, me and Glad sorta got it back together. But the washer was very unbalanced. Needless to say, it was useable, but very loud.

Tuesday when Ben got off work, he help me throw out the extra dryer since we didn’t need it. Didn’t have anywhere to store it. Me and Ben ended up cutting Jayden a mohawk. Glad bleeched, and dyed it blue. It looks damn good on him. Tuesday night, I went out with Amy, her cousin, and one of her friends from Price. That was nice, haven’t seen her for about 9-12 months.

Wednesday, I can’t even think about happened. I do know that Jim came over in the evening to help me look at the washer. Glad started at Club Vegas. Currently she is working the door two nights a week.

Thursday, Jayden had a doctors appointment in the morning. Glad had a doc appointment also in the afternoon. After all the stupid running around, we took the kiddies on up to Evanston, had dinner, and hung out for a bit.

Those three days just flew by. Not sure what happened to my days off. I hope this next week, to get some camping and fishing.

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