Sunday=What a Joke

Yeah Sunday was a joke. Justine is out of town in San Fran for the next week. Saturday was Jayden’s birthday. Both of the kids have been in Evanston since Thurday night. I guess Saturday Jayden got sick and threw up a total of 11 times, along with a fever of 101. Saturday night I was thinking about picking him up from Evanston. But decided to wait thur Saturday night, to see how he does.

Sunday morning I called the Becky before heading into work. Jayden did good thur out the whole night. Got into work, and worked a whole whopping hour. At 9am I get the phone call that Jayden is still sick, and has thrown up 3 times since he woke up. So I left work at 9am, and headed on up to Evanston. Picked up Jayden, and headed on back to SLC. He seemed to be doing just fine. Me and Glad took him on into Instracare, doc thinks that he has a stomach flu virus. He did fine all day long, was able to keep down light food down.

Ben and Val came over to help me take Jayden back on up to Evanston. Didn’t leave SLC till about 8ish. Get up there, drop em off, and he is doing fine. Becky gave him his nighttime pills, and we leave. I get about a block away, and James calls me. “Jayden is puking again.” I just replied back with, “Nice joke James, hahahah I love you”. “No dad he is really puking.” So I decided to turn the car around, and head back in total shock. The 12 hours that I had him, no fever, no throwing up, holding stuff down.

After about a half hour, we decided to head on back to SLC. Leaving Jayden on up there in Evanston. Needless to say he is doing much better.

Decided back on Friday that it would be awesome to do some camping and fishing during my weekend. No kiddies, and I actually get some time to myself. I’ve been wanting to take Glad on up to Causey Res. Doing some camping, fishing, get out of the valley. Does it get any better then that.

Looks like that plan has gone to shit, since Glad is sick. She called about 5 minutes ago, as she is on her way to the ER. Love how my plans always back fire in my face.

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