The Camping/Fishing Trip….

Monday after work, I ran on up to Jim’s to grab the boat. Got some dinner with Jim also. Glad was in the ER as she wasn’t feeling too good. I was thinking that the camping/fishing trip wasn’t gonna happen.

Tuesday morning I felt like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Glad was up for camping/fishing. So we decided to get some stuff done, and get all ready to go.

Did some running around, packed up the car, then decided to leave town. The plan was to leave the house at noon, but we didn’t leave till 1. As we’re leaving the apartment complex, I remembered that we forgot flashlights. Turned the car around, I ran upstairs and grabbed some flashlights.

Since we didn’t eat all morning, we did decided to hit BK for some cheap whoppers. As we were waiting in line, I remembered that we forgot camping chairs. Went back to the apartment, and grabbed the camping chairs. Finally we were on our way. Had to stop by Jim’s to grab the popgear for fishing. Ran into Jim’s place, looking for my popgear. But yet, it was nowhere to be found. WTF?!?!? Decided to hit Walmart to buy some popgear, instead of running all the way home. But good ol Walmart didn’t have any. After talking with Glad, she decided to hide the popgear at the apartment. She mentioned this to me a few months ago, my peanut for a brain failed to retain this information. We decided to head on back to the apartment for the popgear. So we head on back to the apartment, and grab the popgear.

So now we are really on the road heading up on Causey. I believe we didn’t really hit the road for Causey till about 2:30.

Glad missed the turn off for the short way, so we ended up taking the long way up there. We finally get up there, found a campground, and decided set up camping. Get the car mostly unloaded, tent all set up. Just then the ‘campground host dude’ came pulling up in his golfcart shaking his head. “You guys can’t set up camp here.” Long story short, the camp site was reserved for day use. Well you might be thing, ‘well duh James, you can reserve campsites’. Why was it not marked on this site? It was marked being reserved later on in the week. Not to mention when you pull into the campground, they have a nice red sign saying, ‘NO DAY USE!!!’ Anyway, some older lady reserved the site a few hours before we showed up for a few hours.

So we threw everything in the car, unstaked the tent, and moved it about 100 feet to another campsite. Get camp setup at the new campground, and we decided to head on up to Causey to get some fishing in. We fished from about 5:30 till 8:00. We didn’t catch anything, I had one bite, and that was it. I’ve never seen Causey so busy before, which was a bit of a surprise to me.

We got back to camp, decided to start on a fire, and get dinner started. Ended up having steak, chicken, and potatoe salad. Once the sun went down, it ended up getting chili. It made for a cold night. I was hoping to do more fishing Wednesday morning, but I was too lazy to get out of bed.

Breakfast that we made up there was far from anything special. Broke down camp, and then headed on home. It was nice, relaxing, stressfull all rolled up into one ball. I got thinking, I don’t think I’ve been camping in about 10 years.

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