WoW, I’ve Gotten Lazy…

So yeah over the past two weeks, had court, went to Wendover, brought a new camera, took James fishing, and learned that my kids don’t know how to respect me.

Court was alright. I was hoping that it went better. Long story short. I had to post bail for 163 dollars, and have bench trial Sept 25th. But I got my license back.

Wendover kicked major fucking ass. I was really nervous in going due to funds, but I’m very glad that we went anyway. Came back 1,000 bucks richer thanks to a $5 dollar slot machine. Even if it wasn’t for winning that money at the last minute, had a good fun time.

Took James up to Strawberry Res to do some fishing. Had a good great time doing that. I caught two Cutts, lost another one right at the boat. James caught one. All four fish (including the one we lost) was all in the slot limit. I only measured the first one, and that was 17″. Me and James both missed abunch of other bites also.

Due to the extra funds, I ended up buying a new camera that I’m very happy with. Got myself a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS. I’m really happy with it. Took some good pictures at the bar the other night. It was more then what I was wanting to spend. But between my last camera which I had for 5 years, which still works pretty well. Along with this new one. I gotta suggest Canon to anyone that is in the market for a new digital camera.

Tuesday took the kids, along with Glad to see Hellboy II: The Golden Army Good entertaining flick. Plan on see Batman The Dark Knight this next week.

Wednesday and Thursday of this past week. James has been more then a handful. He’s 11 years old, going on 16. Sheesh….He really went to see how far he could push his luck.

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