Woah I’m Slacking….

Wow! 2 weeks without a single post. Slacking indeed. GBH was an alright show. But I must say, that the Avalon just sucks. I really hate that place. I don’t think I’m ever going there again. Which I hate to say, since Lower Class Brats is playing in a few weeks there. I would love to see LCB again, but fuck that place. Oh well, I’ve seen LCB enough times anyway.

The highlight of this week was seeing Sandy. She came up from AZ for a week. Meet up her and Carrie at Burts last Friday. That was a good drunken time. Those two got a chance to meet Glad. Negative Charge was playing at Burts, which was a double bonus. Monday night, Jim came over along with Sandy. Hung out for a few hours just smoking, drinking, and bullshitting. Tuesday night we all BBQ. Jim, Sandy, Carrie, the Kids, and Glad. That was a good time just catching up, joking, bullshitting, etc. Wednesday night, me and Sandy went to Club Vegas. That was okay, it was nice getting out. Tragic Black was playing, it wasn’t anything special. It was just okay.

It’s amazing at how good the kids have behaved over the past week. I don’t think they fought at all over the past week. Just a big surprise compared to a month ago.

Work has been going really good. I’ve been busting ass. Which is amazing to consider there for awhile I could get motivated to do much of anything.

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