3 Month Break….

So after getting laid off from Alorica back in June. Looks like I gotta get myself a part time job again. With birthdays coming up, Chrismas, needing new tires on my car. There is no way in hell it’s gonna happen without getting a part time job. I have just barley enough money to get from payday to payday. Not to mention paying off debt will never happen. I’m looking at ways to cut back on things. Been thinking about getting rid of my Comcast service. Don’t want to, but right now I can’t jusify the 100 bucks a month on it. It was nice having some time off this summer. Spending my days off with my kiddies, getting some fishing done, relaxing, spending time with Glad.

With the kids up in Evanston this week (or so it appears that way anyway). I plan on getting the whole job hunting thing going. Be great to find a part time job working 2-3 days a week, anywhere from 10-20 hours a week. Don’t care where it’s at it. Hell, McDonalds. I don’t care.

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