Woohoo, I just found out that I can make it to Kylee’s baby open house/belessing. It’s from 5pm till 8pm. I usually work 4pm till midnight on Sundays. I’m working 9-5 that day. The sister in law wants me to go.

I also filled my taxes last night. Getting a decent return, about the same as last year. Just sucks, that it’s going to bills. Maybe I can snag a few bucks, and have some fun.

I called sick into work yesterday. Got some stuff taken care yesterday. It was nice not going to work yesterday. I really should have went, but oh well. Too late now for that. The weather has been really nice for the past few days. Suppose to get ugly towards the end of this weekend.

I think Saturday after work, i’m going to a party with Justine. Josh, Chuck The Truck, Nick, etc. Should be a fun time, but we’ll see. I’m thinking about seeing if Jim wants to join us.

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