Oh How I Hate Bills….

Along with being poor. If it wasn’t for my huge car payment, I would be alright. I’ve been looking at my situation and it just sucks. As of right now, I have two options, and I”m not happy with either one.

As for my week. It was alright, just uneventful for the most part. Me and my brother helped on my parents house for a few hours yesterday. Glad started her job. Hung out with Ben and Val for alittle bit on Wednesday. Got little James his own cell phone. Dealing with tmobile with a pain, it all worked out. It wasn’t a pain, just more work then it should have been.

Don’t know what’s going on for tonight. Thinking about Trap. Tomorrow I have off from work. Plan on taking some silly test at the Post Office, try to get a part time data entry job at the Post Office.

Anyway…Till next time.

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