Good Times

I had a good time at the show last night. Great line up of bands. Subhumans was alright, not bad, but not great. Just good. Got myself a Subhumans shirt also. All of my tshirts are too big now. Also getting worn out. Afterwards, me and Justine went to Village Inn. It was good to see everyone. Nick, Joe, Wriley, Jackie, Magoo, etc.

I could kill Sprint PCS. Woke up this morning, to my cell phone being turned off. So I called the bastard paid 50 bucks to get the phone going again. Bill was due the 20th, and it’s the 24th. It’s also pretty funny, that it turned off cause I’m above my ‘spending limit’. Sprint PCS gives a spending limit which I was above. So between the payment being 4 days late, and being above the ‘spending limit’, they killed the service. I sorta understand a ‘spending limit’. But I haven’t even got my next bill yet. But yet, I’m above the ‘spending limit’ where they can kill my service. But I have yet to even receive that bill yet.

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