Wow!!! Where the hell do I even begin in explaining my past week?

So Sunday I left work a few hours later, I wasn’t feeling the greatest. Big ol long story short, Justine stayed over Sunday night. She had some serious issues with her GF. We stayed awake till about 2am talking and bullshitting. Didn’t fully fall asleep till about 3am. Then up at 6am cause of more issues. Needless to say, I called into work sick/late. Needed to catch up on some zzzzzz, and try to help Justine out as much as possible.

You may ask yourself, ‘Why help her out after what happened a year ago?’ I guess maybe I believe in karma a bit too much. That if I was in her shoes, a couch at midnight after the rough evening would be nice. Maybe cause I still consider Justine a good friend. Maybe cause I was tought unconditional love while growing up. Maybe cause it just seemed like the right thing to do. There’s enough assholes out there in this world, and enough evil. I wouldn’t consider myself an asshole. Hell, mother of my 2 great kids, I can’t really just throw her out on the street. You may also be asking yourself, ‘what does Glad think of all this?’ Well I guess the expected, just worried about everything. Me and Glad spoke Monday morning, and I explained to her that there isn’t anything to worry about, and gave her a few reasons. I love Glad soooo much, and we are both very happy. Why screw up a good thing? It’s kinda funny, when an issue between us come up, we tackle the issue, learn from the issue, and move on.

Monday was another odd day. Got the kids off to school. Came back home, called into work, and let them know what was up. Then spent the day with Justine trying to cheer her up, got some of her stuff from her old place. Justine stayed on my couch Monday night also.

Tuesday was spent with Glad. Tuesday I went on down to Burts to see Negative Charge, and Tragic Black. Had a good time there. Towards the beginning of TB set, good ol Ben fell off the stage. He claims to have had it planned out. But I think the truth is that he ate the floor of burts, and won’t admit it. hahahaha.

Wednesday again was spent with Glad. Went to the doctor for them to chop some skin out of my leg to get a biopsi done it. We ended up watching No Country for Old Men that evening. Not sure what to think of that movie. I guess overrated. My biggest issue with the movie was the ending, and how long and drawn out it was. I should go back and watch it again.

Thursday Glad ended up working. Me and the kids hung out for the day. We ended up finding the Rubik’s Revenge for Jayden. We also went to Noodles for lunch. Also got the kids registered in their new school.

Friday was the first day for school for them. They both really enjoy their teachers, and seem to have a good day. Last night we had Jim and Meagan over. Meagan did the whole carpool thing, and crashed on the couch. We all enjoyed watching Death at a Funeral. Such a funny movie.

Don’t really have any big plans for this week. Thursday I do have court with Taylorsville. I’m not excited for that one bit. Not sure what to expect out of that. I’m just hoping for the best. I”m still waiting on that stupid 401k check. grrrrrrr…..

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