Here We Go Again…

With my lame update of the week.

Tuesday not much of anything from what I remember. Wednesday was James’s birthday. Had my parents over, along with Glad’s parents. That was nice having them over. Thursday hung out all day with the kids, Glad, and Ben. We were talking about going to Lagoon, but due to lack of funds, that didn’t happen. Kids were out of school for UEA both Thursday and Friday.

Thursday night, me, Glad, and Ben saw Pineapple Express. That was pretty damn funny. Thursday we also got a new pet. Got a tiny little baby bearded dragon. It’s about 4-5″ long. Pet store said it was only 4 weeks old. Got a pretty good price on it, compared to the price of a full grown. Got it for 25 bucks, usually they run for about $70+ bucks. Crazy to think in about 11 months it’s going to be 16-24″ in size.

Last night me and Glad watched Recount. I really enjoyed the movie. It’s about how Gore lost back in 2000, and the whole deal with the state of FL.

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