WoW….Totally Amazing!!!

I finally got my stupid 401k. But….The retards decided to screw up on the amount of money. I got more money then I should have. Which is great and all. But they should have held more, and come tax time who knows.

With the money, I got the brakes done on my car. Ben helped me do the brakes on them. We did that Thursday, we also took a look at the tie rod ends. I’m guessing those need to be replaced. Plan on doing that this upcoming Saturday with my dad.

Thursday after the kids left. We (me, glad, ben, and val) did some running around. Went to Noodles for dinner. Then went on back to my place to watch Trailer Park of Terror. That was a silly stupid movie. Also got a Powersun UVB light for the lizard. Dang light was expensive. Makes me sick on how much I paid for that silly light. But hey, he needs it, and it’s a nice light with great reviews.

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