So I watched PU-239 when it came out awhile back. So I was looking at quotes from imdb on it. Came across this and thought it was damn funny.

Shiv: You know who wore hat like this?
Andrei: No.
Shiv: Jesse James.
Andrei: Jesse James!
[mimicking pistols with hands]
Shiv: Jesse James. He wore hat just like this. He only stole from rich people, so he really wasn’t a thief. He’d go into a rough place like Chicago or Brooklyn and do business.
Andrei: Like you?
Shiv: [nodding] The CIA chased him for years. Whenever Jesse Jackson needed a car he stole one.
Andrei: Jesse James?
Shiv: What did I say?
Andrei: Reggie Jackson.
Shiv: Jesse Jackson! He could’ve been the president of the United States but they don’t respect the black man so he went underground.
Andrei: Was he who did sports like Michael Jordan?
Shiv: Michael Jackson! Michael, Reggie, Jesse… and two other brothers: the Jackson Five. The most powerful family in America. Hey, what bill is Andrew Jackson on?
Andrei: Twenty!
Shiv: Twenty! Hey. Respect the Jacksons.

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