It’s About Time…

Let’s see here. Me and Glad both had a grand ol great time at Trap door for Halloween. I got way drunk, Glad was holding the toliet when we got home. Felt bad for Glad, she was hung over all of Saturday. Day after Halloween I had off from work. Ended up helping my dad with some car work. I also got a much needed tire for my car. It was used, but it’s in really good shape.

Both me and Glad voted this past Tuesday on the 4th. Lines weren’t bad at all, we waited maybe 5 minutes at the very most. I got mix feelings about Obama winning. But we’ll see what happens.

Sometime this past week, the cat managed to get to the lizard. I think it was this past Monday. I don’t think the cat ate the lizard. But it is missing. I’ve looked everywhere with no sign of it. Pisses me off.

Oh yeah, I’m on day 3 of being a non smoker. I guess it’s great, but yet it sucks on the same hand also.

Last night took a class on a concealed gun permit. Got a good deal on the class. Still the gun is expensive, so who knows what gonna happen with that. Time will tell.

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