Oh Boy, What a Week….

I had more fun then I should be allowed to have. hahah!!!

So James called me Monday from school. “Dad, I’m sick!” etc etc etc. That was around 10am Monday morning. I was planning on leaving around 1:30 from work since I had an appointment with the lawyer.

As I pull into the school to check his sick butt out of school. I see a kid outside playing kickball which looked a lot like James. Sat there for a minute or two, as this kid that looked just like James run around kicking the ball, throwing the ball, etc. As I thinking, ‘nah that can’t be James, he is sick’. ‘It better not be James’.

I go into the office to check him out. When James was walking down the hall, I went down to have a nice little chat with him. Yeah, needless to say, I left his butt at school.

Monday afternoon I went into the lawyer office to finish up the last bit of the paperwork. WooHoo for that. But wow, I’m not impressed with the lawyer’s office one bit.

Tuesday, Ben and I decided to replace my broken strut mount bearing. Needless to say, I ended up making things worse. Long story short, I worked on it from 10am till about 9pm on Tuesday. Wednesday, worked on it with Dad from about 10am till about 4pm. Got my screw up taken care of, but never ended up replacing the strut mount bearing. Oh well, atleast the car is working. Actually, it’s worse off, since the spring is now messed up.

Thursday night me and Glad ended up watching Run Fatboy, Run. I enjoyed the movie.

This next week just the whole Thanksgiving thing. 4 day weekend. Going to my Grandma’s for Thanksgiving with the kids. Hoping to make up to Evanston for a visit on Wednesday.

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