Blah…So bored!!!

Uneventful weekend for sure. We did manage to watch Season 3 of Robot Chicken. I forgot how damn funny that cartoon is.

My car is making some nice clucking noise. Noise started Friday afternoon. Not sure if it’s from the last time I did car work. When trying to do the strut mount bearing, I managed to ripped the boot on the tie rod end. I thinking/hope it’s just the sway bar end links. Cheap parts, easy to replace. If it’s anything more then that, i’m not gonna mess with it.

Looks like I won’t be seeing much of Glad this week. She is working Tuesday and Wednesday for Sue. Wednesday she is hanging out with a friend, which I’m guessing is going to be an all day event.

Looks like next week here at work is when we are doing the move. Basically move downstairs for 4-6 weeks as they fix stuff up here. I’m not excited for this. Share desks, tiny desks, etc etc.

Jacob is coming into town Wednesday. I’m totally stoked to see him. Not sure what we’re doing. I know that Saturday we have a family stuff.

I’m working this Thursday so I can have Saturday off from work. Kent was nice enough to switch shifts with me. So I’m working his Thursday, and he is working my Saturday.

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