Long Exhausting Day Yesterday…

Saturday was great. Everything about it. Well all the driving did get old. Ended up having a great time with the family. Jacob came up for Richfield with his family. Ben and Val ended up hanging out also. We all meet at my parents around noon. We fired up the BBQ grill, and cooked up some food. After which we ran on out to the middle of nowhere (30 miles west of Magna, the west side of Grantsville). Took the 12 gauge, .22, and Jacob’s 9mm. Shot from about 4pm till almost 6pm. When there wasn’t enough daylight to keep on shooting, we decided on to head on back. Hung out at my parents till about 8, and decided it was time to go.

Put about 280 miles on my car yesterday. Ran on out to Alpine with my brother, then up to Layton, then down to Taylorsville, out to Magna, out to Grantsville, back to Magna, then to Taylorsville, then to Layton, and then back home.

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