He Was a Quiet Man

Saw a crazy ass movie yesterday called, He Was a Quiet Man. I really enjoyed the movie until it started to turn into a love story. Still wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t expecting that. Only problem is, that I wish I managed to stay awake for the ending, but ended up falling asleep. That’s what I get when I try to watch movies laying down on the couch.

The rest of my days off, I got my Christmas shopping done. I wanted to get more gifts, but the whole money thing became an issue.

Went on out to Club Vegas Wednesday. That was alright, but I was in a pissy mood, which kinda sucked. Would have had more fun at Club Vegas if I wasn’t so damn grumpy and pissy. Got to see Jim’s new haircut. After about 13 years, he decided to cut off his long hair. Which is just crazy. The hair cut looks good, and fits him. Makes him look a lot younger also, I’m guessing about 3-5 years younger.

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