Crazy Weekend @ Work

Wow, what a crazy weekend here at work. Both Saturday and Sunday has been busier then normal. Both Saturday, and Sunday felt like I worked for my money. 10 full hours of work. It was crazy, but very nice for a change. Made the day go by fast. It was also changeling for once which was great. But on the same hand exhausting.

Don’t remember much of this past week. I do remember getting another bearded dragon Thursday afternoon. James had a doc appointment, which Justine was at also. It was nice bullshitting with her about stuff. Took the James and Jayden on up to gymnastics.

2 Responses to “Crazy Weekend @ Work”

  1. jaimie Says:

    Yo James, sweet action blog that I didn’t know you had… Be good.

  2. James Says:

    Oh yeah, I tons of stuff on this. You take it easy over there.

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