The Past Week.

The past week was alright. Hung out with Ben on Tuesday. Went birthday shopping with him to get Val something for her. Got an awesome deal on a black levi’s jacket. The orginal price was 120. Around xmas time it was marked down to 60 bucks. Which I thought was still a bit much for the jacket. Tuesday, it was marked down to 20 bucks. How freaking awesome is that. Love the new jacket. Also ran the kids on up to the doc office. Turned out that we have all strep. James and Glad felt it the most.

Thursday morning went to Target to get a new electric razor. I’m very happy with it. Not happy about spending 80 bucks for it. But I’ve been needing/wanting a nice electric razor.

Wednesday did some running around with Jayden. Turned in my concealed gun permit at BCI. Wednesday night I ended up watching The Corporation. Pretty decent flick, but is long.

Thursday I also found the shoes I’ve been looking for. I got a new pair of new shoes Thursday afternoon. Everywhere I’ve looked, they wanted 70-80 bucks for the shoes. Got em for about 45 bucks. Love the new shoes. Jim, Justine, and Matt came over for dinner last night. It’s Jim’s birthday this week, so we invited him over for dinner along with Justine and Matt.

Today we got our bonus here at work. Pretty stroked about that. But I”m not excited to dump so much money into my car, and get caught up on bills. BLAH!!! Why do cars have to be so expensive. I hope to have enough money left over to make a trip on out to Wendover, and buy some computer stuff. I really need to upgrade/buy a new computer.

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