2 weeks at being lazy with this darn thing.

ahhhhhh shit. I just saw that The Adicts are playing Las Vegas April 4th 21+. Hard Rock Casino. Looks like i’m gonna have to save up my pennies and try to make it on down to Vegas in April. Super duper excited for that. Just hope to be able to save up the money for it. Time will tell.

Let’s see what else has gone on in the past 2 weeks. Built myself a new computer. AMD 6000+ dual core, with 4 gigs of ram. The motherboard has onboard video which kinda blows. Also got a 1tb drive for it also. I’m pretty happy with the system, right now. Just wish I could find a good cracked version of vista 64bit.

Kids have been crazy as ever the past two weeks. They have just be driving me up the wall. This past Thursday I took em on up to Evanston. They didn’t have school on Friday. Hung out with Becky and Val for a bit, and went to dinner with them. That was nice, and the drive back was nice.

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