It’s Getting Better…

It’s nice to see that this week is getting better. It had it’s moments of both good and bad. Went on out to Wendover Tuesday night, and had an awesome time. Didn’t win tons of money by any means, but the 4 of us basically broke even. I broke even, even with gas, and the motel room. Basically played all Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, had two meals, and it was all payed for by the house. hahahah…..

Spent all day Tuesday before heading to Wendover by cleaning the hell out of my car. Scrubbed down the leather, clean the windows, the whole nine yards.

Wednesday on the way back from Wendover, we stopped at the Salt Flats. Of all the times I’ve been to Wendover, I’ve never stopped at the salt flats. I guess it’s a pretty cool place. -shrugs- (just abunch of salt HA!!) Wednesday night, me and Jim went to bar to grab a beer, and play some pool. We played at Batters Up, instead of the normal Club Vegas. I must say, I play damn good that night. The best I’ve played in a long time. I really dig Batters Up, and it’s right around the corner from Jim’s.

I am totally floored by the price of cigs. It’s basically 50 bucks for a carton of smokes. So I decided to start popping the Zyban again. I hope to quit for more then 2 darn weeks this time around. Last night, I remembered how Zyban can mess with your dreams. Fun, needless to say.

OMG!!! Working is dragging ass today. I’ve decided that I really need to get my ass on a diet. Lossing 10-20lbs would be nice. Even thought about a gym membership, but I don’t know. Kinda need to save money.

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